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Automated Diesel Rebate Solution
FMS complies with SARS’s dual logbook requirements namely:
• Diesel storage facility logbook
• Logbook on each vehicle
With our automatic implement identifcation technology FMS automates both of these logbooks. SARS may audit your claims for up to 5 years after it has been made and with FMS you will be able to provide SARS with all the necessary information to substantiate your claim.

FMS partnered with Blacbox7 and TLC Go to provide a comprehensive solution for all of our farmers.


The Blackbox7 solution facilitates communication with farm equipment (tractors, plows, rippers etc.) The system is expandable and has the ability to report on various parameters. Tracking devices employ GSM/GPRS/SMS/GPS/Wireless technology.


TLC Go is a transport digital platform. TLC connects shippers and transporters providing value and effciency to the marketplace. With real time updates and tracking tools you are in control of your cargo. All parties are verifed and payment is guaranteed.
In addition to the above TLC enables farmers to claim rebate on diesel supplied to carriers when transporting product from the farm to the market.